Glosp Award Nomination! (And some real live Cullen picspam)

Take the Ice was nominated for a Glosp Award! SQUEE!

I'm pretty thrilled with the category it's up for:

Story you'll force your boyfriend to read, so he'll pick up some pointers - Best Gentleman

After getting many many reviews and comments about how swoony Hockeyward is, I couldn't have picked a more perfect award nom.

He's up against some very stiff competition, including some of my favorites so head on over and show him some love!


Voting from October 14th-October 26th

And just for fun...the Wild had their home opener last night and the first home game with our newest hockey heartthrob, Minnesota Boy Matt Cullen. I wore my Cullen t-shirt proudly. See below for a teensy glimpse of a real live Wild Cullen. Not quite as swoony as Hockeyward...but he's pretty darn cute. Downright nommy with the scruff.

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