Chapter 23 Videos

So I saw a video that TXBirdie made for her wonderful fic, Tangled Up in Blue and just had to go check out the site. So far, I've only experimented around with the 30 second freebie vids but I plan to eventually pull together a full length one for Take the Ice.

For now...here's a couple different versions about a very pinnacle scene from Chapter 23. If you haven't read yet...I'd hold off on watching. ;)

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Glosp Award Nomination! (And some real live Cullen picspam)

Take the Ice was nominated for a Glosp Award! SQUEE!

I'm pretty thrilled with the category it's up for:

Story you'll force your boyfriend to read, so he'll pick up some pointers - Best Gentleman

After getting many many reviews and comments about how swoony Hockeyward is, I couldn't have picked a more perfect award nom.

He's up against some very stiff competition, including some of my favorites so head on over and show him some love!


Voting from October 14th-October 26th

And just for fun...the Wild had their home opener last night and the first home game with our newest hockey heartthrob, Minnesota Boy Matt Cullen. I wore my Cullen t-shirt proudly. See below for a teensy glimpse of a real live Wild Cullen. Not quite as swoony as Hockeyward...but he's pretty darn cute. Downright nommy with the scruff.

A Bit of a Video Challenge-Bella's Exhibition Skate

So...this is a little odd, but there's not an actual program out there of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Bella's exhibition skate. See the below post for the song.

I was looking around and found the clip below of Sasha Cohen skating a piece to a different song that fits the mood of what I was going for. It's a little complicated, but if you but the Sasha clip on mute and watch the clip with the Celtic Woman vid (starting at the beginning of the song & the program, not the beginning of the video) they sort of match up how I envision. Bonus? The blue skating dress is what I was thinking of, and she's skating at Rockefeller Center!

Imagine that dress with her Ruby Skates, made by the very awesome FlightlessBird11. Nifty, right?!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This is the version I was inspired by when writing Bella's exhibition skate. Quiet, simple. Just four beautiful voices and the sounds of Bella's skates. Read the post with the Sasha Cohen vid for more details on the skating part!

Eric's Exhibition Skate to Poker Face