A Bit of a Video Challenge-Bella's Exhibition Skate

So...this is a little odd, but there's not an actual program out there of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Bella's exhibition skate. See the below post for the song.

I was looking around and found the clip below of Sasha Cohen skating a piece to a different song that fits the mood of what I was going for. It's a little complicated, but if you but the Sasha clip on mute and watch the clip with the Celtic Woman vid (starting at the beginning of the song & the program, not the beginning of the video) they sort of match up how I envision. Bonus? The blue skating dress is what I was thinking of, and she's skating at Rockefeller Center!

Imagine that dress with her Ruby Skates, made by the very awesome FlightlessBird11. Nifty, right?!

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    I'm Sophie and I'm French. I read your fiction Take the Ice, and I love it. So I ask you if you are agree I translate this fiction in French. If you don't want, I unterstand :) Of course, I will mentionned you in the translation.

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